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PhotoWeave Tips and Process

Photo's taken in living color or an old snapshot in black & white are excellent choices, either way, you can have it your way. Your cool and fabulous artwork is a fine selection for a photo gift, too.

Take a photo... any photo, artwork or picture and we will weave it into an incredible cotton blanket, tapestry wall hanging, pillow or tote bag. PhotoWeave is our most popular product. Everyone loves them. Everytime.

Tips Select any photo you wish, but keep in mind a few of our observations when doing so. The better the photo the better the quality of your woven product.

Size Any size photo will work, really. It's quality that counts, but we have taken a picture about the size of a postage stamp and made some incredible creations in photo gifts using those tiny little pictures. Sometimes that's the only memory we want or need, because it's a gift and that' just the perfect snapshot. So be it. We can do it.

Digital Photo's They should be shot with a 1 megapixel or better camera. Since digital camera's are up to 7 megapixels these days there is not much worry, however if the photo's were taken a while ago, you may want to check.

Contrast The high contrast photo works the best. A black dog on a black couch in a dark room will not create the best results. With the main subject brightly lit and the background is somewhat dark we have contrast and the results will be brilliant! Also, keep an eye out for dark shadows on the face or subject as something to avoid.

Focus Make sure your subject is sharp. The better the focus, the better the final piece will be.

Color We can use black and white or color. Even artwork.

Composition It's probably best to keep it simple. You may want your subject to occupy 60-80% of the photograph. It can make for a better finished piece.

We will adjust a copy of your photo's slightly as needed in order to create the best composition for your PhotoWeave product. No worries, we've got your covered. Enjoy.

PhotoWeave Tips Process