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Don't Forget Your Pets! The Custom Throw Blanket Is A Huge Hit and Makes The Perfect Gift.

Pet Throws
Pet Throws
Item # PW-throw
Sale Price$89.95
PhotoWeave Pet Blankets

The throws are adorable when your pets are featured on the 100% cotton woven throw blanket. They make excellent gifts!

The pet throw may be the very most popular PhotoWeave product.

Two fabulous sizes, machine wash, tumble dry on low.

54w x 70h Large ~ On Sale! $89.95.
54w x 80h Extra Large.

Any size picture will work! Artwork comes out incredible, too.

Each throw is woven with 100% cotton yarn and will be woven in either vertical or horizontal layout of your picture.

You may send your photo's to us via an email attachment.

You MUST identify your photo, so it can be matched to your order. Please use your name and email used to place your order.

Send Photo by Email As An Attachment

The throws ship in 3 days to 1 week after receipt of order placement along with receipt of photo.

Please Note: Photo blankets turn out the best with a photo that has good contrast. A black puppy on a black leather sofa will not turn out as well as you would like, however a black puppy on a light colored sofa is perfect.

Simply place your order and send us your photo. We will get to work on your personalized photo tapestry throw as soon as we receive your snapshot.

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Pet Throws